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Which disk drive cleaner software to use?

If your children are using your computer on the internet without adult supervision, or are acting strangely when you approach them while online, they may be downloading and viewing adult or otherwise unsuitable material onto your home computer drive. This can happen particularly if the computer is not located within frequent traffic areas, and is made easier if the computer monitor is aimed away from prying eyes. This might be an ideal time to get drive cleaner software to help clean your drives.

There are several good drive cleaner products available on the market today.

Snitch drive cleaner is designed to examine hard drives and other storage to identify adult content or inappropriate files. It does this using an array of techniques including analysing image and video files for the presence of nudity, text and contextual analysis to locate specified words or phrases in files and filenames, and a range of other functionality. Files that are discovered can be reviewed manually and cleaned from the disk drive, or managed in other ways. There is also an enterprise package that encompasses the same technologies as Snitch but adds enterprise specific features such as reporting, network scanning and other more advanced functions.

Media Detective is another drive cleaner package that also endeavours to clean porn from your computer's hard discs. Media Detective has been developed to help clean off offensive files, including pornographic material, undesirable images and movies. Using intelligent image and video scanning techniques, Media Detective can easily scan through adult content and movies on your hard disks , checking them for unwanted materials and identifying files containing nudity, through statistical and analytical means.

Oranizations can use the detection and cleaning capabilities of PinPoint Auditor, an enterprise level auditing solution that allows scanning of networked systems and servers, to detect inappropriate employee activity and help address the problem. It includes report generation, scheduled and queued remote scanning, and drive cleaning functions.

Whatever your requirements, there is a product available to suit your needs.

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