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Make your drive clean of porn with these software products

Snitch software has been created to help you when there is porn on your hard drives. Snitch drive clean software analyzes the files on your drives and checks them for nudity and adult content, before presenting the suspicious ones for user inspection. Unwanted items can be deleted quickly and cleanly. Dont buy a cookie cleaner, Snitch is much more than the standard evidence remover software, they cannot identify and find porn files. Check the software you are thinking of buying by running the free demo software prior to laying down your hard earned dollars.

Remember that there are many 'drive clean' style programs available, each implying that they remove pornography. But they only attempt to remove evidence of activity, and do not generally interrogate media files to see if they contain nudity, and facilitate their removal. To actually remove porn files the software must do some kind of porn scan and then perform a porn removal pass to delete files. Again, make sure you test the software thoroughly before committing to buy; if there is no free demo then the software developer does not want you to see their software before you buy it.

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