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A+ Premium Filtering filters the internet on a third party server rather than on the user's computer. It filters internet addresses, links and key word searches by routing what you have typed or clicked on through the external server where it gets checked against a pre-generated access list. If the site you're trying to visit is not on the access list, you get a block screen instead of a page full of pornography. This software also has the ability to scan and block chatrooms and newsgroups.

On a positive note, A+ Premium Filtering takes all of the work out of internet filtering for you due to the fact that the access lists are already in place and provided for you. Nor is there any need to maintain the program by downloading and installing updates - the provider also takes care of that. All a user has to do is sit back and let the application do its job.

The flipside is that their system takes the access list decision making out of your hands, which some users might find a little restricting and inflexible. There is a process available for users to submit sites for review that they may wish to access, however there's no guarantee that the requested site will be removed from the block list.

A+ Premium Filtering users are charged on a subscription basis. The rate is fairly low, which should make this product easily affordable to most families and businesses. Unlike many other internet filtering software, this program is compatible with the Mac environment.


Overview of Provider & Product
Provider's Website Website
Cost for Private Homes - Setup fee of $10. This is waived if you sign up for a full year.
- Subscription of $6 per month for the first 3 computers, paid in advance in 6-month installments. Each additional computer costs $2 per month.
Cost for Businesses - Setup fee of $10.
- Subscription of $6 per month for the first computer and $3 per month for every additional computer.
Free Trial 2 weeks
Free Email Support Yes
Free Phone Support Yes
Reporting Capabilities No
Remote Administration No
Windows Yes
Mac Yes


Filtering Methods & Capabilities
Blacklist Based Yes
Keyword Based No
Whitelist Based Yes
Image Recognition No
Popup Blocking Unknown
Email Blocking No
IM/Chat Blocking Yes
Newsgroup Blocking Yes
Program Download Blocking No
Editable Filter Lists (by Authorized User) No (changes must be requested via email)
Instant Override of Blocks (by Authorized User) No
Monitor Without Filtering No
Protect Personal Information No

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