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It is getting easier to stumble across adult images or video files intentionally or unintentionally when using the 'net. This is happening more and more frequently. Sometimes when exposure occurs, finding these items can have negative effects on the computer user and if this happens, it may mean that copies are kept on the computer that was used. Software products are now available that can search your harddisk for hidden pornographic images that exist in the computer's storage devices. One of the main contenders in this category of tools is Snitch web eraser, and if we can believe the talk, is one of the best.

Any of the described apps have a range of features including scanning for inappropriate images, looking for porn content in movies, checking text files against keyword lists, seeing what internet users do on the net and many more besides. The software's photo tests for example invoke smart algorithms and rapidly sort normal images from unsuitable ones.

Trial software is available to everybody which makes hands on evaluation simple.


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