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Remove pornography from your computer easily

Computers and the internet have significantly changed the face of our digital world in recent years. With just a few keystrokes, and a few clicks of a mouse, we can summon any information we desire. This technology boom has proven to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has opened the door to opportunities that may not have otherwise been available - opportunities that have enabled people to become better educated, to communicate with each other more easily, to save time, and to be generally aware and in touch with the rest of the world. On the other hand, computer and internet technology has opened the door to new types of crime, vice and addiction.

Of considerable concern these days is the topic of internet pornography, particularly how it affects families and children. Its incredibly easy for anyone with access to the internet to sit down and their computer to view and download pornographic images and material. Many families, schools and businesses now employ the use of various programs that enable monitoring and blocking of websites containing illicit material such as porn. These programs, combined with diligence on the part of a parent, teacher or employer, can make a big difference, however they are not always enough.

In addition to monitoring and blocking internet usage, it also makes sense to regularly scan your computer for anything that might have slipped through the cracks, thereby allowing you to delete it. Numerous products have emerged recently that enable the user to find and delete pornographic material that may be hidden in your computer.

One such program is Snitch, designed to search images, movies, internet history, compressed files, cookies and much more in order to easily help you locate and remove pornography from your computer. Snitch is designed for home and business use and is available on a trial basis for the first thirty days.

Another similar program designed to scan your computer and remove pornography that may be present on the hard drive is Media Detective. The functionality of this program is similar to Snitch - it checks your hard drive, searching images, audio files, hidden files and document files for inappropriate content, enabling you to easily delete the offending material.


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