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Deleting pornography from your PC's drives

Whether they want to or not, users can be exposed to porn files while websurfing. Or porn may arrive from some other method, such as through a mail client. Many times when this occurs, coming across disturbing imagery can have negative effects on the computer user and just as important, it could leave evidence of the incident behind on the system. Now software tools are available that could use algorithms to detect whatever obscene images that have taken up residence on the system. Advanced products like Snitch can erase porn with smart processing, as well as help clean out suspicious or unsuitable materials residing on your computer.

Generally speaking, these software products have features such as previewing image files for obscenity, checking video files for obscene materials, looking for keywords within text scannable files, scanning files to see if they have been renamed and other automated testing. Just the image and movie tests perform automated checks and make analyzing a computer much easier for even a beginner.

The software vendor allows downloading of trial software which makes for simple testing.

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