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How to do a fast disk cleanup

It is disturbing that younger internet users can find porn videos and pictures intentionally or unintentionally when using the 'net. This is happening more and more frequently. But no matter how files get there, discovering inappropriate files might offend the person using the computer and in the process, this could leave evidence of the incident behind on the hard disk. Products have been developed that say they can search the drive for suspicious inappropriate contents that exist on the permanent storage media. One product, Snitch disk cleanup software, will help clean up a range of inappropriate files from your system.

Without exception, these software tools scan storage resources using tests like scanning for inappropriate images, analyzing movies for nudity, finding suspicious key words and phrases in files, scanning browser history for porn site visitations and various others. The image and video tests alone do smart scans that will save users significant time.

A 30 day demo can be obtained from the website which makes hands on evaluation simple.

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