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Deleting internet history from your computer

It can be argued that it is easy to find pornographic images while using the worldwide web. Or users might intentionally load CDs with porn on them into the computer. When this occurs, discovering these items can negatively impact the user of the computer and sometimes could leave evidence of the incident behind on the computer that was used. There are software tools that can scan for suspicious unwanted porn which have found a home on the permanent storage media. Most of the time the application created for deletion of inappropriate material are designed with ease of use in mind, and therefore put some effort into automating scans.

In the majority of cases these software apps scan storage resources using tests like testing image files for porn, analyzing movies for nudity, analyzing text-based documents for keywords, looking at online browser history as well as a selection of other tests. The software's photo tests for example use the latest technologies and pull results up fast.

Trial versions can be downloaded from the product web pages which makes hands on evaluation simple.

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