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Delete internet cache data from your browser

Whether they want to or not, users can be exposed to unsuitable material while surfing the web at home. Or users might intentionally load CDs with porn on them into the computer. Yet irrespective of how the files showed up, finding this material can disturb the viewer and as well, this can leave traces of undesirables that savvy users could retrieve. New software is able to search your harddisk for undesirable porn pictures and videos residing on the hard disk. For example, Snitch by Hyperdyne Software will help you delete cache files and purge undesirable material that you want gone.

These forensic applications have a range of features including previewing image files for obscenity, testing the contents of video files for nudity or adult contents, looking for keywords within text scannable files, reviewing internet history logs plus other tests for suspicious items. Take for example the image and video analysis capabilities that perform automated checks that can sort nudity from other standard images.

The software vendor allows downloading of trial software so you can try out the program first.

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