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It can be argued that it is easy to find naughty pictures when researching on the internet. Or one or more users might be visiting porn sites on purpose. When this happens on your computer, seeing such files might offend the person using the computer and this can leave undesirable files that somebody looking for them could locate. Now software tools are available that could search your harddisk for inappropriate porn files that exist on the local computer. One of the main contenders in this category of tools is Snitch computer cleaner, possibly the foremost tool in its class.

The best of these products have the most functions, and scan storage resources using tests like quickly checking images for nudity, checking video files for obscene materials, reviewing text files for suspicious keywords, scanning for large space consuming files as well as a selection of other tests. The software's photo tests for example undertake quick but accurate scans and simplify analysis for the average user.

Trial software is available to everybody , which allows free scanning of the user's computer and evaluation of its unique features.

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