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Clearing up search history records.

It is getting easier to stumble across offensive material intentionally or unintentionally when using the 'net. And there is not much we can do to prevent it, aside from installing filtering tools or blocking the internet. When this happens, coming across disturbing imagery could inflict psychological injury and conceivably it also can leave traces of undesirables on the local computer. New software is able to detect content such as disgusting undesirable contents that have taken up residence on the computer that was used. A range of cleanup functions offered by the software let you clear search history and together with additional analysis and scanning methods, can rid your computer of undesirables.

Typically, these software tools execute analysis passes on the hard drive including analyzing pictures for unsutiable content, testing movie files to see if they contain adult material, testing HTML and documents for suspicious keywords, checking internet behavior and other automated testing. The image and movie tests make life easy by running 'porn testing' and pull results up fast.

You are free to trial the software for 30 days - giving ample opportunity to test the features prior to purchase.

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