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Clearing out browser history with software.

It is simple to find unsuitable material when looking for information on the internet. Or unsuitable items might be received in emails, or other methods. But no matter how files get there, discovering unwanted files could inflict psychological injury and as well, this will leave behind undesirable material where others can get to them. Products have been developed that say they can implement smart searches to locate whatever undesirable contents that have taken up residence on the PC. Advanced products like Snitch can clear browser history with smart processing, as well as handle all the automated cleaning processes that get rid of porn and undesirable media.

These applications perform automated tests which include testing image files for porn, checking movies for porn content, analyzing plaintext files for words and phrases, scanning for large space consuming files plus other tests for suspicious items. As an example of the advanced processing, the image and movie scanning functions perform smart scanning that can ease the process of categorizing adult images.

Potential purchasers can download a free trial which makes for simple testing.

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