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Clean porn files using forensic pornography scanner software

New forensic software tools are making it easy to clean porn from your computer system. Both in the home and within organizations, porn is becoming more of a problem. In the home, families are not enamoured with the idea of kids surfing porn sites and downloading pornography, therefore software solutions are in more demand than ever before. Organizations such as educational institutions, military, corporate and others are interested in detecting the presence of porn on work systems and removing it, for a range of reasons, not the least being loss of productivity due to porn use by employees and students.

Snitch will help clean porn from the family computer by subjecting the computer to a number of 'intelligent' algorithms that scan for adult content within files on the drives. Media Detective is a similar product, it allows parents to clean porn files that otherwise are difficult for parents and non-computer-savvy operators to locate and remove.

The enterprise equivalent of these forensic porn tools is called PinPoint Auditor. Made for larger networks, and servers, PinPoint Auditor is designed to audit enterprise networks in organizations where remote network scans and remote analysis of systems is a key concern. This software will also delete porn, and it provides additional enterprise specific features including reporting and many other functions unique to network application. The PinPoint Auditor website can be found here.





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